The opportunities to communicate locally and across borders in today's modern society are many. Undoubtedly there has been no other time in our history when the standard of communication has reached such high levels exceeding the expectation of everyone. Thanks to the advances in technology which heralded the development of the concept of websites.

Through this medium we are able to communicate easier, more frequently and more importantly, at lower costs. One of our challenges therefore is to expand the use of this facility so that we can create the type of exchange of data, information and experience to enhance personal excellence and growth.

Seprod's core businesses are manufacturing and distributing. We are technologically driven; therefore the establishment of a website is a necessary tool which will serve to enhance our operation. This website will serve as a one stop source of vital information about the company's history, its products and services, as well as other areas of activity and interest. The site will be updated on an on-going basis so as to keep it current and relevant.

Let me take this opportunity to commend and thank the members of staff and others who have helped to put the project together.

Mr. Richard Pandohie