LOCATED: 2E Valentine Drive, Kingston 19

IBL’s foundations are built on the pillars of great global brands. Constructed in the late 1960’s, the then Butterkist Limited fell into the hands of snacks giant Nabisco Limited in 1998, which was later acquired by Kraft Foods in 2000 and SEPROD in 2007. Today the name Butterkist is synonymous with Jamaican favourites such as Paco Cookies, Butterkist Sandwich Cookies and Pick Nix.

The IBL plant produces a wide assortment of cookies and crackers under the Butterkist brand, a range of snacks under the Snackables brand, and third party brands such as Ovaltine for Twinings International and Ms. Birdie for Purity. With markets in USA, Canada, Caribbean and UK, IBL is quickly building a global reputation for quality and affordability, and, with a recent plant investment of US$2.5M, stands ready to scale its outsourcing capabilities.