Food and manufacturing conglomerate, Seprod Ltd, is aggressively looking to acquire or build out a distribution company in efforts to greater diversify its business model.

Chief Executive Officer of Seprod, Richard Pandohie, told the Jamaica Observerthat the company is now in the evaluation stage and has put together a proposal to present to the board of directors by October.

The company hopes to make a decision on whether to acquire an international or local distribution entity or to build out a facility before the year ends.

Outside of distribution, the company anticipates not only manufacturing its own brands but doing private label manufacturing for third parties.

Seprod's plan to further develop its distribution and marketing comes on the heels of a multimillion-dollar partnership formed between the food manufacturer and American shipping and trading company, Seaboard.

The partnership will see Seprod's subsidiary, Jamaica Grain & Cereals Ltd, producing wheat flour and cornmeal for the local and regional markets.

Jamaica Grain has manufactured cornmeal for nearly half a century before coming under strong competition from market players in Belize. However, Seprod will be the second flour mill to operate in Jamaica behind Jamaica Flour Mills Ltd (JFM), which is owned by American company ADM Milling.



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