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Responsible for the safe maintenance, repair or replacement of the plant’s electrical and control systems, in order to facilitate maximum production, quality, reliability and sustainability, in achieving the objectives of the Company.



1. Carry out maintenance, repair or replacement of the plant’s electrical, instrumentation and refrigeration equipment and systems; ensure repairs are done speedily so as to minimize loss production time

2. Ensure the safe and continued supply of electrical power from the electrical substation to the end users throughout the plant

3. Engage and supervise contractors on assigned jobs and ensure that the works conform to specifications

4. Manage and monitor the maintenance programme for the plant’s electrical, instrumentation and refrigeration equipment based on best practices that will ensure reliable operation and high availability of all plants at costs consistent with budgetary provisions.

5. Facilitate full utilization of the computerized maintenance management system to include adherence to the work order system procedures; review and update the electrical and instrumentation equipment listing, preventative maintenance (PM) schedules and job plans.

6. Ensure that the preventative maintenance program for the plant’s electrical and instrumentation equipment is effectively implemented and periodically reviewed; recommend changes that will provide improvement to manpower utilization, equipment up time and spare parts costs.

7. Develop operating time for the plant equipment’s electrical and instrumentation spare parts, predicting failures and ensure timely replacements

8. Review and adjust if necessary, the maximum and minimum quantities of electrical and instrumentation spare parts, materials and supplies to be kept in stock; and make recommendations for adjustments of inventories as required.

9. Review the plant’s operations, equipment, tools, and manpower utilization; and make recommendations that will result in improved efficiency, consistent with manufacturer's specification or international standards.

10. Ensure proper operation and maintenance of fire detection, surveillance and alarm system.

11. Prepare and design modifications to plant machinery and equipment to meet the changing Production requirements.

12. Be knowledgeable of the company’s standards, personnel policies and union agreements so as to be effective in the maintenance of discipline, training and development of assigned personnel and the rewarding of effort

13. Participate in Food Safety and Security activities when required, and ensure that all the related requirements are adhered to at all times.

14. Carry out such other related work as may be required or assigned.



• Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent from a recognized tertiary institution.

• Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in a similar capacity in an engineering or manufacturing environment

• Ability to speak Spanish will be a distinct asset


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